Pharma-Bio-Med & BioSciences Information Conference & Exposition The must-attend event for information, library, knowledge management and competitive intelligence professionals covering best practices across the spectrum of bioscience information The international conference and exposition covers: R&D information Pre-clinical, clinical, regulatory, safety Pipeline, business & competitor information Competitor Intelligence, searching, elicitation, analysis, validation, synthesis and reporting Features presentations from practitioners in industry, plus vendor exhibits and workshops: SciTech, medical & business information Publications, journals, databases Software tools & enabling technologies - integration, text mining, visualisation, etc. Searching techniques, tips and tricks Professional development, continuing education and training for Information, Library, Knowledge Management and Competitive Intelligence Professionals from: Corporate information centres and libraries University libraries Research institutes
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The following professionals will benefit from attending: Information Specialists and Managers Knowledge Management Professionals Competitive Intelligence Specialists and Managers Documentation Specialists and Managers Library Professionals Informatics Practitioners Working in industries such as: pharma and biotech food nutrition agriculture/crop science cosmetics diagnostics and devices academia and government
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International Institute for Information Professionals 
Submit your interest in speaking Subjects covered may fall under one or more of the following broad categories: • The design and implementation of new solutions that exploit new and enabling technologies for delivering and consuming bioscience information e.g. data/information organization and integration; searching, mining and knowledge extraction • Practical case studies that describe the use of new or existing bioscience content with effective search, analysis and/or reporting techniques • Streamlining bioscience information workflows to enhance innovation and quality of decision making within and across the research, development, regulatory and commercial areas of your company's business, and how client satisfaction and business impact are assessed • The evolving role of the bioscience information/ knowledge analyst and the effective alliances/partnerships essential for success •The application of analysed information, knowledge and intelligence to drive business insight Contact us at
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