The Pharma-Bio-Med, BioSciences & CI Information Conference & Exposition is the annual event in  Europe that is tailored to the interests of information, library, knowledge management and  informatics practitioners working with competitor intelligence and bioscience data and information  in industries such as pharma and biotech, food, nutrition, agriculture/crop science, cosmetics,  diagnostics and devices, academic and government health sciences fields.   We welcome and invite your participation at this forum for professional development and continuing  education, networking, and the sharing and benchmarking of information best practices.  
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The conference plenary sessions are  conducted entirely in English and  feature technical papers from  experienced users of information  working across all areas of bioscience  data and information. Key issues for  information departments, libraries and  medical information centres are  addressed, including how to find and use alternative and innovative sources of  information, biomedical searching  techniques, knowledge management, competitive intelligence, and enabling technologies  (integration, text mining, visualisation, etc.), to name but a few. For more details of conference  content, see Call for Papers and Programme. 
An Exhibits Hall showcases the products  and services of many information product  and service providers such as database  producers and hosts, scientific and  information publishers, software solutions  providers, etc. Through add-on workshops  and training seminars, special emphasis is  given to continuing education & training.  
The conference addresses topical issues relating to bioscience information, solutions to current  challenges, best practices in information retrieval and handling, and technical papers from  experienced users of information. In conjunction with the conference plenary sessions, there is an extensive Exhibits Hall featuring the products and services of many information product and  service providers such as database producers and hosts, scientific and information publishers,  software solutions providers, etc. Through add-on workshops and training seminars, special  emphasis will be given to Continuing Education & Training.   Examples of areas that Pharma-Bio-Med has addressed and will continue to develop over future  meetings include:  Management of information for product research, development, regulatory and commercialisation for enhanced innovation and quality decision making Techniques for value-added search and analysis of bioscience information Competitor and business information analysis and evaluation Re-engineering of bioscience information workflows Text/data mining, visualisation from multiple data sources, and knowledge extraction The interface between Knowledge Management and Information Management Getting value from Enterprise 2.0 technologies Creating and using semantically enriched content Business models of information department functioning Managing information overload Examples of integrated workflow solutions Challenges and solutions for data integration and standardisation Information audits, measurements and metrics Copyright/license awareness and compliance implementation Business development and the Information Professional -- how to communicate value Bridging the gap between Information Professionals and End Users   The where and how of specialist databases Next steps for the future information centres 
The international conference and exposition for Information and CI Specialists and Managers, covering: R&D information Pre-clinical, clinical, regulatory, safety Pipeline, business & competitor information Competitor Intelligence, searching, elicitation, analysis, validation, synthesis and reporting Featuring presentations from practitioners in industry, plus vendor exhibits and workshops: SciTech, medical & business information Publications, journals, databases Software tools & enabling technologies - integration, text mining, visualisation, etc. Searching techniques, tips and tricks Professional development, continuing education and training for Information, Library, Knowledge Management and Competitive Intelligence Professionals from: Corporate information centres and libraries University libraries Research institutes
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Pharma-Bio-Med, BioSciences & CI Information Conference & Exposition Best Practices Across the Spectrum of Bioscience Information The following professionals will benefit from attending: Information Specialists and Managers Knowledge Management Professionals Competitive Intelligence Specialists and Managers Documentation Specialists and Managers Library Professionals Informatics Practitioners Working in industries such as: pharma and biotech food nutrition agriculture/crop science cosmetics diagnostics and devices academia and government
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