To submit a paper or poster, send the following information to Your name and contact details A brief biography (2 or 3 paragraphs) Your proposed presentation/poster title An initial abstract (80 - 120 words)
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We are pleased to announce the Call for Speakers for the Pharma-Bio-Med & Biosciences Information Conference & Exposition. Papers and Posters are now being invited from information and knowledge management, competitive intelligence and informatics practitioners working with bioscience data and information in industries such as food, nutrition, agriculture/crop science, cosmetics, diagnostics and devices, pharma and biotech, academic and government health sciences fields. Submit your interest in speaking by 16 June 2014* *Submissions may be considered after this date depending on availability in the programme. Subjects covered may fall under one or more of the following broad categories: The design and implementation of  new solutions that exploit new and enabling technologies for delivering and consuming bioscience information e.g. data/information organization and integration; searching, mining and knowledge extraction Practical case studies that describe the use of new or existing bioscience content with effective search, analysis and/or reporting techniques Streamlining bioscience information workflows to enhance innovation and quality of decision making within and across the research, development, regulatory and commercial areas of your company's business, and how client satisfaction and business impact are assessed The evolving role of the bioscience information/knowledge analyst and the effective alliances/partnerships essential for success The application of analysed information, knowledge and intelligence to drive business insight  
Call for Speakers
Submit an outline of your paper or poster for consideration to by 16 June 2014. Anyone still wishing to submit a paper or poster for consideration after that date should contact the Pharma-Bio-Med Organisers. The outline of your paper/poster should include the information shown below: Your name and contact details A brief biography (2 or 3 paragraphs) Your proposed presentation/poster title An initial abstract (80 - 120 words) If you think you may be interested in speaking or presenting a poster but require management approval beforehand, please let us know so that we can begin to consider your general proposal in the meantime (submission of just a few descriptive sentences will be sufficient in the interim). We are also interested in hearing suggestions for specific high-interest topics for information specialists in this area, and/or suggestions for good speakers on such topics. If you would like to make a recommendation for a speaker on a particular topic, please contact the Pharma-Bio-Med Organisers with your suggestions. The organisers reserve the right to accept abstracts at their discretion in order to assemble the best possible program. Please be advised that your abstract submission may be published on the Internet or elsewhere shortly after receipt or at any time thereafter. Therefore, do not include confidential or business- sensitive information in your abstract. Vendors/suppliers/service providers Vendors/suppliers/service providers are not eligible to submit a paper/poser via the Call for Papers/Posters (this is reserved for actual users of information working in industry). Speaking time for vendors is only available through the sponsorship programme. Contact for details on sponsorship.
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