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“… Pharma-Bio-Med was a stimulating conference, with a friendly atmosphere and an optimistic prospective. It was clearly the place to be for information professionals who are working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnologies industries.” Research Information, Issue 52, February/March 2011
“I felt conference attendees very clearly represented the cross-section of customers we serve. The sessions were very helpful in better understanding their needs both in search and in processing the results of the searches they do.” Pharma-Bio-Med Sponsor Exhibitor
 “This conference provides a rather unique, but specific audience for our business.  It provides a forum for very relevant and appropriate discussion.  It is attended by industry thought leaders and decision makers which is important.” Pharma-Bio-Med Sponsor Exhibitor
“What a great conference and invaluable learning experience. It is not often you get the opportunity to meet up with so many like-minded people. The organisation of it was spot on. Thanks” Pharma-Bio-Med Attendee
“I have learnt lots in the 3 days I was there, and made many new friends and connections. It is an invaluable platform for this with lots of networking opportunities” Pharma-Bio-Med Attendee
“The best aspect was the sheer range of subjects presentations were given on... Extremely high quality and engaging.” Pharma-Bio-Med Attendee
“Excellent variety of the presentations and I also liked very much the break- out discussion groups. And of course Networking!”” Pharma-Bio-Med Attendee
“As a vendor/exhibitor, I enjoyed the opportunity to sit in the plenary and other sessions, to engage with and listen to our customers in a meaningful and non- pressured manner.” Pharma-Bio-Med Sponsor Exhibitor
"It was a pleasure for me to take part in the Pharma-Bio-Med conference and I would like to congratulate everyone for making the conference such a success. Not only was it professionally very rewarding, but you also managed to give the conference a warm and friendly atmosphere that encouraged participants to reach out and make new contacts. Giving the paper inspired me to move forward faster with this topic now that I'm back in the office." Pharma-Bio-Med Speaker
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